Southwest Arterial 52 over US 20, Dubuque, Iowa


Project Description

The Southwest Arterial (U.S. 52) is a 6.1-mile, four-lane, divided freeway with priority-one access control and provides an alternative route for traffic through southwestern Dubuque. It connects the Dubuque Technology Park on U.S. Hwy 61/151 with the new Dubuque Industrial Center West and the existing Dubuque Industrial Center near U.S. Hwy 20. After years of planning and construction, the Southwest Arterial opened in August 2020.

PCI led the $13M new bridge construction project carrying the Southwest Arterial over US Highway 20.  PCI used 200-ton cranes to set 155-ft-long concrete beams over the existing creek and US Highway 20.  For those people that like numbers, PCI used 4600 cubic yards of concrete and 1,000,000 lbs of rebar!

"Enjoy the time lapse video from last night of the placement of the architectural steel arch on the SW Arterial US20 interchange overpass bridge. Executed to perfection by Peterson Contractors Inc." - Robert D. Schiesl, P.E., Assistant City Engineer, Dubuque, Iowa.